Tier 1

Basic obedience and mild behavior issues

Tier 2

Intermediate obedience, moderate behavior issues, and high drive dogs

Tier 3

Advanced obedience and intense behavior issues

This program is only available to clients who have already worked with the trainer in a different program OR had an evaluation meeting with the training staff. This makes it possible for the trainer to structure the classes and group dogs in a way that allows all involved to receive the best experience and the most benefit possible.

Workshops are held twice a month, require signing up to save your spot, and are focused on anything that the class participants need specific help with. These workshops are not a series like typical "group obedience classes" however, basic obedience, advanced obedience, and all types of issues can be covered and worked on in the group setting. Workshops allow you to learn from your classmates' experiences, enjoy socialization with other people and dogs, and benefit from tackling challenges specific to your dog's needs! These classes are fun, low-pressure, free-form, and very informative. Please contact the training staff if you'd like to participate!

Class Cost: $25

You asked. We listened!

If you'd like to talk to our training staff, have questions, or want to enroll in a program, please emails us, give us a call, or send us a message via the form on this page!

(209) 369-9400


We are very excited to be offering training programs once again!

Our Balanced Training programs have been developed to be a rewarding experience for both you and your pet. We are dedicated to empowering you with an education that will further develop and enhance your relationship with your dog. We have structured our pricing based on the level of difficulty or the intensity of behavior that needs to be corrected.

Private Sessions

In-home, at the kennel or on location

Education tailored specifically to you and your dog training needs.

Board and Train

One to four week programs available


Whether it be for a brush up or an "overhaul", the Board and Train is a very effective program. Your dog will benefit from daily training, consistent structure, play time with the staff, and socialization. The program is especially helpful in breaking through roadblocks you face at home or jump starting your dog's training journey.

Some Tier 3 cases will be required to start with a Board and Train.

One-on-One Dog Training

Ready to get Started?

Group Workshops